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A Foundation for Meaningful Software

Semantic technologies have emerged to support applications such as semantically assisted search, system interoperability and knowledge-based decision support. The degree of ontological expression employed within semantic systems defines a spectrum of lightweight, middleweight and heavyweight semantics. Although lightweight and middleweight semantics suffice for many applications, there are situations where heavyweight semantics are required to support extensive automated reasoning.

Our view is that the software infrastructure currently available to support heavyweight semantic systems is inadequate and that this is preventing wide spread adoption of the technology. Specifically, we find that existing infrastructure is proprietary and/or based on non-standard representation languages with limited tool support.

Kojeware's objective is to provide standards-base software infrastructure and support tooling that will promote the development of open heavyweight semantic systems. Our technology is based on open standards and may be used within a variety of real-world applications. The Samian Platform™ is the embodiment of our technology.

Open Systems

An open system is a system that employs modular design, uses widely supported and consensus based standards for its key interfaces, and has been subjected to successful validation and verification tests to ensure the openness of its key interfaces. Open systems promote interoperability and help gaurd against vendor lock-in. Kojeware is committed to developing the Samian Platform™ as a platform for implementing open semantic systems.

Semantic representation lies at the heart of heavyweight semantic systems. Common Logic (CL) is a framework for representation languages based on expressive first-order logic and has been ratified as ISO standard 24707. We have adopted Common Logic as the semantic foundation for the Samian Platform™. Samian interfaces and APIs are based on Common Logic language specifications, and the internal structure of the platform has been specifically designed to support the Common Logic Abstract Syntax. Committing to the Common Logic standard is one strategy we are using to ensure the openness of the Samian Platform™.

The CLIF Validation Test Suite

The Common Logic Interchange Format (CLIF) is the language syntax dialect specified within Appendix A of the Common Logic standard. Kojeware has implemented a CLIF language parser based on this specification. Although we believe that our parser conforms to the standard, there are currently no tests available to validate our implementation. We believe that minor variations between language parsers may lead to the proliferation of incompatible Common Logic content, which will undermine the value of both the ISO standard and the Samian Platform™.

Kojeware has initiated the CLIF Validation Test Suite project to help promote the consistent implementation of parsers based on the CLIF specification. The goal of this project is to establish a collection of publicly available CLIF texts that developers can use to validate CLIF parser implementations. Content of the CLIF Validation Test Suite is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license and may be downloaded and distributed free of charge.

We have found areas within the CLIF specification that require interpretation on the part of the parser developer. Therefore, the challenge with establishing the CLIF Validation Test Suite is in collecting test cases that "correctly" reflect the intentions of the standard. To meet this challenge, Kojeware is proposing a web-based tool that will support the collection and vetting of CLIF validation test cases through a transparent and consensus-based process. Please contact us if you would like to contribute to the CLIF Validation Test Suite initiative.

The first task of the CLIF Validation Test Suite initiative is to gather a collection of candidate test cases. Kojeware is seeding the project repository with CLIF texts developed to test the Samian CLIF Parser and we encourage other members of the Common Logic community to submit additional candidate test cases. Note that all submitted content will be released according to the project licensing terms outlined above. Also note that the status of all candidate test cases will be set to "pending" until the project has established a formal vetting process.

The form below has been created as an interim measure for submitting candidate test cases to the project repository. To submit a test case simply enter CLIF text into the form and click the Validate button. The system will validate the text using the Samian CLIF Parser and will report any errors that it detects. Modify the text as needed and then click the Submit button to submit the test to the repository. Be sure to indicate if your test is meant to demonstrate invalid CLIF syntax. Note that the validation step is intended as a sanity check only. The test case you submit does not have to be valid according to the Samian CLIF Parser. Although the Submitter field is optional, you are encouraged to provide some kind of identification string. You are also encouraged to document your test case within the field provided.

Enter CLIF validation test case:
Invalid CLIF syntax test
Enter test case documentation:
Submitter (optional):
CLIF File Validation Service

Our CLIF File Validation Service allows you to validate the syntax of your CLIF files online! Just choose your file and click the Validate button. The service will parse your file and generate a validation report. Note that not all CLIF syntax errors can be detected in one pass. You may have to fix the errors reported and validate your changes to find additional errors. Therefore, you must repeat this process until you have a valid CLIF file. Please note that texts validated using our CLIF File Validation Service will NOT be added to the CLIF Validation Test Suite. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this service.

News and Events
July 23, 2010
Kojeware launches initiative to promote the Common Logic standard.
July 9, 2010
Kojeware's Samian ODE Plug-in for Eclipse™ helps researchers at the University of Toronto validate the COLORE repository syntax.
July 1, 2010
Kojeware releases beta version of the Samian ODE Plug-in for Eclipse™.
June 25, 2010
Kojeware releases CLIF translation of the Suggested Upper Merged Ontology.
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